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10K, workout #7

After yesterday's tempo workout, today's planning includes a long run.

The workout

A steady run of 15km in heart rate zone 2, pace around 5:00/8:00.


I felt tired, and a bit rushed, because I was planning on swimming in the evening and I was running late. Unfortunately, I didn't really enjoy the run, but pace was steady, my heart rate pretty low and, well, sometimes mileage is just mileage.

enter image description here A nice view on the Vliet at sundown

In the evening I swam 2km to try out a wetsuit I had borrowed from my wife's colleague. The swimming was really, really nice, as my first open water swimming experience was without a wetsuit and it was way too cold. Doing a run while somewhat tired and going for a long(er) swim was too much for a working day, but I did feel refreshed and less tired after the swim.

Workout data

If you want to see the workout, check it on Garmin (you can see it without an account) or on Strava (you need an account). You can see the swimming route here on Garmin and Strava.