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Plaintext calendar

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This is just a short post. I needed to print monthly calendar without any markup, filling an entire screen/page. I could have done this in Word or other software, but I made a simple webpage for it, so anyone can 'enjoy' printing such calendars. Sometimes those little things are just fun to make.

enter image description here

A simple page to make printable monthly calendars

Anyway, here's the link: https://www.reuneker.nl/files/savetherun/php/cal.php.

Fixing the TomTom Rider 0:00 problem

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Another very quick post. It occurred to me that my old TomTom, after dusting it off, did not retain time. I could set the correct time, and within minutes, it would switch back to 0:00. Very annoying, of course, but there is a fix. I did not create it, but I'd like to share it.

The quick and easy fix can be found at: https://www.rima-lock.com/tomtom-urban-rider-K3-WNRO-fix.htm

It solved the problem for my TomTom Rider Urban/Pro, and I hope it'll help others too.

Importing GPX files on a TomTom Rider Urban/Pro (Mac, Windows)

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As I was searching for software to import GPX routes to my old TomTom Rider (2010-ish), I found myself at a loss: none of the software for a Mac seemed to work, and I do not have a Windows machine at my disposal. The solution proved simpler than I thought, and it does not require any additional software. I'll outline the steps below.

  1. Connect you device to your computer (Mac, Windows) using a USB cable.
  2. Open the device/drive called 'Internal'.
  3. Copy your GPX file(s) to the (existing) folder called 'gpx2itn'.
  4. Disconnect your device from your computer and let it reboot.
  5. Now, if you plan a new route, and navigate to options and 'load route', you'll see the GPX file you copied.
  6. Done.

enter image description here Copy your GPX file(s) to the 'gpx2itn' folder in the root of your TomTom drive (probably called 'INTERNAL').

This is more of a reminder for myself, but if anyone finds this useful, that's even better!