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10K, workout #8

Today I'm doing a speed workout on the track.

The workout

A good warming-up wist a lot of exercises involving a speed ladder. The core of the training consists of the following intervals: 3x200m, 3x400m,3x600m at a pace around 3:20/5:22. Between each repetition, a recovery of 30, 45 and 60 seconds respectively and two minutes between each set.

enter image description here Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash


This was a hard workout, but also very rewarding. Setting a pace in the beginning is tough, because it sets the pace not only for the 200m, but also for the 400m and 600m intervals. However, it went well and I was able to keep the pace steady, although, as often is the case, I started out too fast.

Workout data

If you want to see the workout, check it out on Garmin (you can see it without an account) or on Strava (you need an account).