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10K, workout #11

Track day! Today's the time for a workout to get some speed in.

The workout

The workout consists of 7 times 400m at the track at around 3:20/5:20. That's less than two weeks ago (which included 10 times 400m), but that's because there's a tune-up race on Saturday and I'm trying to keep the 80/20 balance. This doesn't mean of course sacrificing the speed work itself, which is at the same intensity as in the other speed workouts.

In between the intervals, 200m of active recovery and the distance to and from the track, 2 times 4K, served as warming-up and cooling- down, although, for warming-up, I still did my regular exercises before running.


As I went to the track late in the afternoon, before the evening sessions began, I found the track deserted, which, for a change, was nice - although I do like seeing other runners at the track. The sun was still shining and it was a nice post-summer sun – so, not too hot, a bit of wind and just a great time to be outside.

enter image description here Photo by Jean Carlo Emer on Unsplash

The intervals went well and all felt good. Hard, but good. 7 times 400m isn't a lot in terms of distance, but at proper speed, they do feel like you really have to work hard. I started the first interval at 3:20, but I saw that pace quickening in the next intervals to 3:15 and eventually around 3:05, which is way too fast for me. It felt good, but I should be careful doing speedwork too fast.

Workout data

If you want to see the workout, check it out on Garmin or on Strava.