Alex Reuneker

Photograph by Arash Nikkhah at Leiden University (2022).


I am an Assistant Professor (UD) in Linguistics at Leiden University. My PhD concerned conditional constructions ('if-then sentences') in Cognitive Linguistics and Corpus Linguistics — topics I continue to research this day. I have studied Media Technology (MSc), Literary Studies (MA), and (Dutch) Linguistics (MA) at Leiden University. I teach introductory Linguistics courses, courses on Corpus Linguistics and on Statistics. I am the editorial secretary of the Dutch-language journal Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing (Amsterdam University Press), and I develop and moderate Gespeld, a website for practicing Dutch verb spelling. I like long-distance running (results and PB's).

You can find me on Leiden University, Google Scholar, Orcid, LinkedIn, and Strava. You can also check out my CV. You can contact me at (copy to clipboard). This webpage was updated on September 20, 2022 and was visited 37.594 times.

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Publications (*peer reviewed)

Reuneker, A. & R. Boogaart. (accepted). Dat als — Een 'stijlfout' in de praktijk (That if — A stylistic lapse in practice). In Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.*

Reuneker, A. (2022). Addition, Restriction, Iteration: Focus Particles in Dutch conditionals. In Vogels, J. & Leufkens, S. (Eds.), Linguistics in the Netherlands 39, 162-177. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing.*

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Assessing classification reliability of conditionals in discourse (accepted) at 4th European Conference on Argumentation — ECA 2022, September 28-30 2022, Rome, Italy.

Hiphop hoera: doe de hiphopquiz! (with Vivien Waszink) at Expeditie Next, May 6 2022, Franeker.

Focuspartikels in voorwaardelijke als-constructies at Dutch Annual Linguistics Day 2022, February 4 2022, Online.

Dat als: een 'stijlfout' in de praktijk (with Ronny Boogaart; abstract accepted) at VIOT 2022, January 19-21 2022, Universiteit Gent (conference cancelled due to Covid-19).

Hiphop in het literatuuronderwijs (interview with Milou Adjanga and Adriaan van Dis) at Dag van het Literatuuronderwijs 2020, November 24 2020, Dag van het Literatuuronderwijs; Interview on YouTube.

Promoveren kun je leren at Neerlandistiekdagen 2020, March 7 2020, Leiden University.

Zinsvolgorde en syntactische integratie in voorwaardelijke zinnen at Dutch Annual Linguistics Day 2020, January 31 2020, Utrecht University.

Zorgt hiphop voor een verarming van de Nederlandse taal? at Weekend van de wetenschap, October 4 2019, NWO, Nationale Wetenschapsagenda; Interview on YouTube.

Rapshit is mijn taal. Lexicale diversiteit in nederhop (with Vivien Waszink and Ton van der Wouden) at Association des Néerlandistes de Belgique francophone et de France, December 7 2018, Université de Lille.

Classificatie en clustering van voorwaardelijke zinnen at VIOT 2018, January 18 2018, Groningen University.

De unieke woordenschat at De Nacht van Kunst en Kennis, September 16, 2017, Nacht van Kunst en Kennis; Radio interview Sleutelstad; Blog Sleutelstad; Leiden University Interview.

De classificatie van voorwaardelijke zinnen in corpusdata at TiN-dag 2017, February 4 2017, Utrecht University.

Classifying conditionals in discourse. at CogLing 2017, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen.

Het conditionele gebruik van voorzetselconstituenten met zonder at TiN-dag 2016, February 6 2016, Utrecht University.

Het retorische effect van conditioneel gebruikte preposities at VIOT 2014, December 16-18 2014, KU Leuven.

Approximatief en tegenfeitelijk anders in België en Nederland at TiN-dag 2014, February 1 2014, Utrecht University.

Argumenteren met conditionelen (poster) at Anéla/VIOT-juniorendag 2013.

Persuading with Conditionals (with Ronny Boogaart) TiN-dag 2013, February 9 2013, Utrecht University.

Sufficiency Minimizing Conditionals (with Ronny Boogaart) at CogLing 2012, University of Groningen.

De argumentatieve richting van het is dat p (maar anders q) (with Ronny Boogaart) at VIOT 2011, December 23 2011, Leiden University.

Immersion and Interaction at the Fall Symposium of Dutch Association for Aesthetics. October 10 2008, Amsterdam, at Issues of Engagement in Digital Media Artworks and Literature. September 11 2008, Leiden University and at Media Technology, July 12 2008, Leiden University.

Scripts and pages

Lexical diversity Measurements. Calculate a number of measures of lexical diversity (LD) by simply copy-pasting the text you want to analyse. For each measurement, a reference is given.

Running calculators. A large numbers of calculations relevant for runners, such as mile-km pace conversion, pace-speed conversion, percentages of pace, Yasso pace, and much more.

N-gram generator (with probabilities). Generate n-grams (bi-grams, tr-grams, 4- and 5-grams) for your texts, including measures of probability and strength.

𝛘² (chi-square) & Cramér's V calculator. Perform the chi-square test easily, including a measure of association strength and all steps explained (including things like expected frequency calculations in easy terms (Dutch only).

𝛘² to p calculator. Convert a chi-square value to an exact p value. You only need a chi-square value and degrees of freedom (df).

Wordlist generator. Generate a wordlist (frequency list) of a text.

Fisher's Exact calculator. Perform the Fisher's Exact test easily (Dutch only).

Keyword analysis. Extract keywords from a Dutch or English texts. Keywords are extracted by comparison two large corpora.

Strip GPX. Strip all non-location data from a GPX route file for privacy and/or file size reasons.

Vitadock Converter. Convert an export from Vitadock in csv format to the Fitbit format required by Garmin Connect.

Running metronomes. Download metronome MP3's to use for working on your running cadence and technique.

Tour du Mont Blanc 2021. Read about our hike of the Tour du Mont Blanc in 2021. The page includes routes, photographs and GPX-files.

Scotland 2015. Read about our motorcyle trip through Scotland, including a detour on the Isle of Skye. The page includes routes and photographs.


Digital Data Analysis (Statistics 2) (2022-current; Leiden University).

Taal & Media (Language and media, Corpus Linguistics) (2018-current; Leiden University).

Academische vaardigheden: schrijven en presenteren (Academic skills: writing and presenting) (2021-current; Leiden University).

Advanced Web Technologies (Responsive Front-end Development) (2020-2021; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Taal & Communicatie (Language & Communication) (2020-current; Leiden University).

Woorden als wapens (Stylistics) (2020-current; Leiden University).

Taallab: methoden van taalgebruiksonderzoek (Corpus Linguistics, R) (2016-2020; Leiden University).

Taalkunde & Retorica (Linguistics and Rhetoric) (2018-2019; Leiden University).

Communication & Media (2019-2020; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Taal in Gebruik (Language in Use, Linguistics) (2015-2016, 2017-2018; Leiden University).

Psychology of Interaction Design (2013-2015; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Media in the Society (Media History) (2012-2019; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Web Technologies (HTML5, CSS3) (2012-2020; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Introduction to Programming (JavaScript) (2012-2020; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).

Interactive Programming in Processing (2008-2012; The Hague University of Applied Sciences).