Convert Vitadock to Garmin Connect

This page was made by Alex Reuneker and can be used to convert an export from Vitadock in csv format to the Fitbit format required by Garmin Connect.

Steps for conversion

  1. Create an export of weight data in Vitadock.
  2. Option 1
    1. Click 'choose file' and find the file you got from Vitadock.
    2. Click 'load' to load the contents of the file.
  3. Option 2
    1. Open the resulting csv file in a text editor — not in Excel or something like that.
    2. Copy the contents into the input area below. You don't have to remove headers, as only lines starting with a date and time (like '02/12/2018 - 18:59') will be processed. Please check whether each line indeed starts with a date, because some lesser editors do not correctly place the newlines.
  4. Click 'Convert into Fitbit-format'.
  5. Either copy the resulting text from the output area below into your text editor and save the file as a csv file, for instance 'myweight.csv', or
  6. Simply click 'save as csv file'.
  7. Go to the import option on the Garmin Connect website and follow instructions.
  8. You are done.

Input and output

Some remarks

  1. Only import data for one year at a time in Garmin Connect. Otherwise it will throw an error.
  2. If you have multiple measurements for one day, only the first one will be used.
  3. I made this page for myself, but you can use it too. Completely at your own risk, though.
  4. No files are stored on the server. I am not interested in your data.
  5. If something doesn't work out, or you encounter any problems, check my contact info at
  6. It seems to be the case that Garmin Connect limits the import of Fitbit data to weight, BMI and fat percentage. Any other measures, like bone or muscle mass are ignored. I cannot change this, as this involves Garmin's implementation of the import functionality. Also see this Garmin Support page.
  7. The Vitadock, Garmin (Connect) and Fitbit are registered trademarks by their respective owners.