Save the Run —


This website offers you a simple, clean way of logging your running miles (or kilometers). It was built to last and to be easy, yet flexible.


The goal of this website is simply to have a digital version of the simple, good old paper running log books, with the benefits of digital backups and easy access everywhere in the world. This website does not have any integrations with other platforms, as not to complicate matters. This also means that it is not dependent on any company.

Your data are yours

You can export your logs to a csv file as a backup and to view your records in an application such as Excel. I find it very important that you stay in control of your own data — they are yours, not anyone else's! If you wish, you can share your progress with someone, such as your coach.


This website is free to use. I developed it primarily for myself, and I pay for hosting with my own funds, but you're welcome to use it too!

Happy running,

Person running