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No fuzz, just runs — and completely free!


This website offers you a simple, clean way of logging your running miles (or kilometers). It was built to last and to be easy, yet flexible.


This website does not have any integrations with other platforms, such as Garmin Connect or Strava, as not to complicate matters. Equally important, this means that it is not dependent on any other 'eco system' or company. I deliberately added a function to export your logs to csv, so you can make backups and view and save your records in a spreadsheet application, such as Excel. This means your logs will always be available to you, and you can import them into other systems if you wish to do so — the goal was, simply, to have a digital version of the simple, good old paper running log books, with the benefits of digital backups and easy access everywhere in the world.


One benefit of a digital running log is that you can share your progress with someone, for instance a coach. When you pressthe share link on top of the website, you get a link you can provide to someone else. That person may then view, but not edit, your log. The share link includes a code, so your log is protected from any unwanted access. Remember, however, that anyone who has your share link, may view your log. If you want to delete access, you can generate a new share link. The old one will then cease to work.