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You can use this page to generate n-grams for your texts. This site was made by Alex Reuneker. For questions, see contact details at http://www.reuneker.nl. If you use this site for your research, please cite it.


  1. Copy a text (from a website, a book, a larger corpus, et cetera).
  2. Paste the text into the input area below. You don't have to remove weird characters, white spaces and new lines, the script does it for you.
  3. Set 'ngram' to the desired n or leave at 2 (bigrams) and set the number of results wanted (or leave at 50).
  4. Click 'Generate ngrams'.
  5. You are done.

The ngram function used was written using base Javascript only, so your text is not uploaded to any server and your computer itself does all the work. Small texts are processed quickly. Getting all bigrams from the King James Bible took my computer ten seconds with multiple tabs and other applications open.


Paste a text to analyze below.


Choose preferred settings, or leave at default.