Yasso calculator

When training for a marathon, many runners run so-called ‘Yasso’s’. Runners World defines a Yasso as follows.

Yasso 800s are a common marathon-training speed workout that may roughly predict or calculate the time you can expect to run in your marathon. The speed workout involves a series of 800-meter […] repeats. The idea is to work up to 10 repeats shortly before you taper for the race. The repeat time that you’re able to hold for 10 repeats (in minutes and seconds) roughly correlates to the marathon time you can expect to run (in hours and minutes).

The term ‘Yasso’ refers to Bart Yasso, who used the technique when he was trying to qualify for the 1981 Boston Marathon. Read more about Yasso’s at Yasso 800s and The Real History of the Yasso 800s.

Even when running on a track, I find it easier to use regular pace to run at the correct speed. However, a Yasso is based on two 400 meter laps, while pace is calculated as time needed to complete 1000 meters. Therefore, I made an online calculator which easily gives you your Yasso times for half-a-Yasso (400m), a Yasso (800m) and your Yasso pace (1000m). You can find the calculator at https://tinyurl.com/trainingyasso.


I hope you’ll find it useful!

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